13th Jul 2023

Goalmouth Repair Guide

Has your pitch taken a beating this season? Over the course of the year, we know that high-stress areas on the pitch such as the goalmouth, penalty areas, and sidelines can become damaged and worn out. Not only does this have an impact on the surface, but it can also affect player performance and increase the risk of injury. That is why we've put together a simple four-step guide, including the best-suited products to repair your surface during the renovation period.

Step 1: Agitation

It is essential to thoroughly agitate the chosen areas before applying your pre-seed fertiliser. This will help distribute the necessary nutrients for healthy grass growth, with particular attention to areas that have poor grass coverage.

Step 2: Application

Once you have agitated the turf area that requires treatment, evenly distribute your ICL Sportsmaster Pre-Seed Fertiliser with a spreader, followed by applying your ICL ProSelect 1 Premium Pitch Grass Seed.

Step 3: Germination

After applying the pre-seed fertiliser and grass seed, place the germination sheet over the high-stress areas. This will help retain moisture and provide protection against excessive wear or damage during the germination process.

Step 4: Watering

We recommend watering the grass seed after applying the germination sheet to maintain the right level of moisture in the growing soil. This will keep the soil consistently damp without becoming overly wet, which is crucial for successful germination.