Turf Points FAQ

#GroundsWeek is here!

As the campaign celebrates its fourth year, we want to do our part to support turf care professionals and volunteers in the UK. To celebrate Grounds Week we have added 250 Turf Points to your account for free!

We appreciate all the work you do in the industry, and once you've read through below, you can redeem your points on our website.

What are Turf Points?

Turf Points from The Pitchmark Group is a loyalty program scheme available to all web shop customers on the Turfix and Total Amenity Supplies website. These points can be redeemed once totals have been achieved ranging from money off to free shipping.

How can I check My Balance?

Once you are logged into your account on the Turfix website (top right of the screen) you will see a Turf Points icon in the bottom left of the screen. Clicking on this icon will expand the section to showcase your current balance. This section will also show you if you are able to redeem your balance, plus links to show you how to earn additional points and other ways to redeem points.

turf points check balance

Turf Pints - Balance

 You can also check your activity within this section, and if you believe there is an error, or you are missing points please contact the Marketing Team with your query and we will investigate for you.

Turf Points - Check Your Activity

How can I earn Turf Points?

We have multiple ways to redeem points, for a comprehensive list you can click on the ways to earn link. Our points are rewarded as follows:

  • Place and order – 1 Turf Point for every £1 spent
  • Review a product – 250 Turf Points
  • Follow on social media through the links provided – 25 Turf Points
  • Share on social media through the links provided – 50 Turf Points

Turf Points - Ways to Earn  Turf Points - Refer a Friend

How can I redeem Turf Points?

By clicking on the ways to redeem link you will be able to check your progress and see if you have anything available to redeem.

Turf Points - Ways to Redeem  Turf Points - Redeem

What if I have Turf Points on Total Amenity Supplies?

If you have an account on both the Turfix and Total Amenity Supplies websites that were created using the same email address, contact us on marketing@thepitchmarkgroup.com and state which account you want to keep and we will merge your points into one. If you still need to set up an account on the other site, you will need to use an alternative email address so you don’t experience issues with your points.