Aerosol One Wheel Applicator

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Simplify Your Marking Tasks with Our Applicator

Our innovative SOPPEC One-Wheel applicator is the ideal choice for professionals who demand efficiency in line marking. This user-friendly tool not only streamlines your marking process but also helps prevent musculoskeletal discomfort by enabling upright usage.

The One Wheel Applicator is for use with our 750ml ProMarker Aerosols.

Key Features of the One-Wheel Marking Paint Applicator:

  • Designed with user comfort in mind, it offers flexibility, lightweight construction, and ergonomic design.
  • Can be customised with your branding (subject to quantity).
  • Versatile and compatible with aerosols of all sizes, making it a must-have for any worksite.

Experience Effortless Marking Applications with SOPPEC's One-Wheel Applicator.


canne spray 1 1) Begin by preparing the aerosol for spraying: shake and open or remove cap.
canne spray 2 2) Press on the arrow to move the slider back.
canne spray 3 3) Position the bottom of the aerosol between the groove and the end stop.
canne spray 4 4) Press on the arrow to move the slider forward and place the nozzle correctly in contact with the orange spray element.
canne spray 5 5) Press the spray trigger.
canne spray 6 6) Press the spray trigger.